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Discover your strength, balance, and peace of mind with US

Gentle Flow Yoga           

(All Fitness Levels Welcome)

This Hatha-style class incorporates breath-work, slow flow sequences and static asanas (poses) to help improve metabolism, flexibility, bone density, and concentration. Perfect for beginners and intermediate students seeking a gentle class.

Power Flow Yoga             

(Intermediate - Advanced)

Power yoga offers intermediate and avid students an opportunity to take their practice to a new level. This energetic class will challenge you to work safely within your limits, through high energy flows and asanas that will strengthen muscles and stimulate the cardiovascular system.

Slow Burn

(Intermediate - Advanced)

Slow Burn is a calorie scorching class that invites you to delve deeper into your yoga practice. Discover subtle nuances of standing asanas designed to help improve muscular strength and endurance. Students will learn how to safely explore their limits while holding poses for up to three minutes. 

Yin Yoga

(All Fitness Levels Welcome)

Slow down and explore your edge with this heat-building practice. Yin Yoga  provides time and space for students to refine their alignment and build strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility through focused breathwork and lengthened isometric holds.

Personal Yoga Training - Package Rates Available

(By Appointment Only)

Deepen your practice with one-on-one yoga training. Your personalized program includes an orientation and assessments to help develop a program tailored to your specific needs. In addition, you’ll receive a wellness journal and weekly OM Work to help you reach your goals.

RSVP Program

(By Appointment Only)

Have a group of friends, colleagues or family members that you’d like to practice with? Contact US today and we’ll create a special four-week studio program reserved especially for you and your guests. Great for birthdays, bridal showers, or special celebrations. Participant minimum required.

Power Lunch

(Intermediate - Advanced)

Take a break from your busy day with this body blasting yoga program

developed by Urban solace’s resident exercise physiologist. Each session is designed to help you build functional strength, endurance, joint stability, range of motion, and flexibility. Power Lunch will help you reach new levels of physical fitness and mental focus.

Healthy Backs

(All Fitness Levels Welcome)

This specialized practice incorporates core-centric asanas designed to improve strength, flexibility and range-of-motion of the spine and supporting structures.


(All Fitness Levels Welcome)

Ashtanga yoga incorporates a specific sequence of poses linked together with breath and is designed to help students build strength, balance, and body awareness.

Note: Program offerings and class styles rotate each season

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